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Dr. Empath

Spiritual Counseling, 

Empath, Energy Healer, Psychologist, 

Reiki Practitioner, Theta Healing Practitioner, Colour Mirrors Practitioner,

Geo Love Practitioner

Dr. Empath’s services include intuitive guidance, energetic healing, activation of spiritual gifts and mentoring.

I never really understood my spiritual gifts until I decided to put my logical mind to the side and think differently. As a school psychologist, I always stated that I was "just good with people, especially children" and "just really good at knowing people's motives and people's energy". After receiving training in Reiki and Geo Love Healing, I was able to tap into who I really am and embrace my spiritual gifts. I stopped saying "just really good at" and confidently state "my intuition" and "my gifts". Now that I am moving forward with my beautiful journey, I want to help others elevate as well. We are all on a journey to finding our purpose and to live our best life this lifetime! We are in this together!

Love & Light Always!

Dr. Empath received her Bachelor’s degree in psychology from Hampton University, her Masters in School Psychology from Howard University and her doctorate from the University of Southern California.


She has been mentored by internationally known spiritual teachers, such as Skylar Acamesis from Bourgeon and founder of Pandora Star (London, England), Oliver Niño, founder of Authentic Living (Durango, Colorado), Hayden Crawford, founder of Dreemtime Academy (Western Australia) and Dr. Mitchell Gibson founder of Tybro (Charlotte, NC).

If you decide to follow your intuition, then you're deciding to walk in your purpose.

~Dr. Empath

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