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This self-paced program is to provide elevation on your spiritual journey. It is for beginners, new learners and spiritual individuals who want foundational skills and information on how to utilize crystals, sound healing, essential oils, metaphyical healing, and meditative practices to heal their mind, body and soul. You will also receive a 30 minute remote healing with Dr. Empath and weekly group healings via Alignment Program Facebook group. If you are looking to build the best foundation on your spiritual journey, this program is perfect for you! Dr. Empath's PsyChakra™ First Step Program provides every individual the best step in the direction of being in alignment with their inner and higher self. 

Schedule your healing/activation with this purchase. I recommend receiving your healing towards/the end of your course or the beginning. 

Unit 1: Introduction to the course
Unit 2: Daily practices and clearings 
Unit 3: Root Chakra
Unit 4: Sacral Chakra
Unit 5: Solar Plexus
Unit 6:  Heart Chakra
Unit 7: Throat Chakra
Unit 8: 3rd Eye Chakra
Unit 9: Crown Chakra
Unit 10: How to apply teachings into your daily life
Unit 11: Next steps

Unit 12: PsyChakra
Certificate of Completion 

Dr. Empath’s PsyChakra Alignment Program

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