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PsyChakra™ Alignment Bracelet is hand-made with amethyst, lapis lazuli, sodalite, amazonite, citrine, sunstone and tiger's eye. Amethyst is linked to spiritual awareness. Lapis lazuli is linked to facilitating your spiritual journey and stimulating your spiritual power and intuition. Sodalite is linked to facilitating balance, truth and intuitive perception. Amazonite is linked to the balance of feminine and masculine energy. Citrine is linked to being the “aura protector”. Sunstone is linked to removing codependency. Tiger’s eye is linked to grounding.The mental health benefits are instilling emotional balance and alignment. PsyChakra™ Alignment bracelet is sealed with a prayer and commanded to provide true mental, physical and spiritual alignment for the highest good of all.

PsyChakra™ Alignment Bracelet

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