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The PsyChakra® Healing Cards 2nd Edition have a major difference that new/ beginners LOVE! We now have the healing statements on the cards! The healing statement will help you know what to focus on releasing and instilling energy that provides guidance on digging deeper into the core issues and/or limited beliefs you may have.


The artwork was produced by Tiannah Birdsong and MyLin Stokes Kennedy. Both artists were given a word/emotion to produce on the canvas while only painting with the colors of the chakra that the word/emotion it’s associated with. The healing cards can be used as an oracle deck by shuffling the deck facing down and picking the card that falls out or is chosen.


Guided meditation  is provided to use the cards while healing your energy during meditation. You can also use your own music during meditation and utilize the cards to focus on the specific healing.  The PsyChakra® Healing Cards are perfect for individuals who need support in knowing what and how to clear their energy and blockages stopping them from raising their vibration. 

PsyChakra® Healing Cards 2nd Edition

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