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Healing Cards


PsyChakra®  Cards

The PsyChakra® Cards utilizes the artwork to help individuals tune in and process their emotions and feelings. The artwork was produced by Tiannah Birdsong and MyLin Stokes-Kennedy. Both artists were given a word/emotion to produce on the canvas while only painting with the colors of the chakra that the word/emotion it’s associated with. The cards can be used as an oracle deck by shuffling the deck facing down and picking the card that falls out or is chosen. It can also be used in therapy by allowing the client to choose which painting speaks to how they feel currently or felt during a situation they are discussing during their session. The goal is to allow you or the individual to embrace the emotion and be provided with tips and positive words to support growth and higher vibration. The PsyChakra® Cards are perfect for individuals who not only love art, but find that artistic expression, colors, emotions, behaviors and spirituality are one.

Meet The Artists

Tiannah Birdsong

"I strive to exhibit the poetic existence of the never ending waves of life.

I only wish that through the creative tools used, I may find more understanding."

Tiannah Birdsong, also known as Spike Tee, is a multi-dimensional creative based out of the Greater New York City area and born to West Indian parents in Brooklyn. From a young artist, she's been guided and influenced by life's ups and downs, love, family, friendships, and grief. Tiannah creates in hopes to raise the vibration of others while also inspiring challenging, deeper meanings. She also has a knack for storytelling using photography and cinematography.


In addition to art, Tiannah specializes in maternity, newborn, beauty, and wedding photography.


Tiannah is a strong advocate for women and every stage of motherhood.

Having lost her first son during childbirth, she's devoted her platform to

help those who have suffered the same unfortunate circumstance.

When Tiannah isn't holding a camera or paintbrush, she spends her time with her loving husband Kareem, and her beautiful son Manny.


 Tiannah has an interest in a variety of art styles. Her style is influenced by contemporary, Fauvism, expressionism, and abstract art. Tiannah's nature photography and fine art pieces were featured in several art shows in Atlanta, GA. 


Tiannah has an M.F.A. in Documentary Studies & Production from Hofstra University and a B.A. in Broadcast Journalism from Hampton University. She has a background in producing, filming, editing videos and documentaries, as well as, photography.



MyLin Stokes-Kennedy

MyLin is an abstract expressionist and educator currently based in Orange County, California.  It was not until it was introduced as her junior year elective course at Hampton University, that art, and moreover painting, had become the passion of her life. After years of prioritizing her psychology and education degrees, growing her family and learning her way in the world, MyLin was finally able to pursue her art full time in 2020. MyLin came to realize it is in front of a blank canvas where she finds a world of opportunity. 


With acrylic on canvas as her medium of choice, MyLin best represents herself experimenting with her palette knife and brushwork techniques.  She looks to create broad abstract work with long strokes, bold colors and rich texture, always finding a way to intentionally communicate her interpretation of nature, Black culture and the psychology of humanity.


Today, MyLin owns Stokes Kennedy Art Studio where she focuses on creating custom art and hosting art experiences that encourage the community to support creativity.  When she is not painting in her home studio, she is raising two boys, Kameron and Lennox, with her wife Lindsay.

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